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Assembling Your Estate Planning Team

Who Do You Need on Your Side?

Recruiting outside help is a smart move when it comes to putting together a solid estate plan. Bringing in the professionals can help make sure your plan accomplishes what you want and prevents future disputes.

Here are a few key players you may want on your estate planning team:

  • Estate planning attorney: The bulk of your estate plan is made up of legal documents such as a will, a trust, powers of attorney and living wills, all of which should be prepared by an attorney.
  • CPA/tax professional: Your estate plan may require a review of complex tax issues relating to income, estate, gift and capital gains, so a tax professional is a must-have.
  • Insurance professional: You may wish to review the amount of life insurance needed at your death to provide for survivors’ needs. In addition, for larger estates, life insurance may be needed to pay federal or state estate taxes, so it’s wise to have an insurance agent involved.
  • Trust officer: This professional can assist with any trusts in your plan that are created now (such as a revocable living trust) or at your death for your spouse, children or other loved ones.
  • Gift planning officer: If you’re considering including a charitable organization, such as the University at Buffalo Foundation, in your estate plan, Wendy Irving, Esq. can develop the best gift plan to meet your needs and ours. Contact them at or (877) 825-3422 to get started.