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UB Pathology Residents to Benefit From Gift

Dr. Georgirene Vladutiu

2009 Adrian O. Vladutiu Award winner Dr. Jianlan Sun with Dr. Georgirene Vladutiu

Georgirene D. Vladutiu, MA '70, Ph.D. '73, wanted to honor her husband of more than 38 years, Dr. Adrian Vladutiu - and the place that allowed them to work "unfettered in the pursuit of clinically relevant research, with the freedom to be creative," for some four decades, the University at Buffalo.

"He is the most intelligent person I've ever known," Dr. Vladutiu said. In 2001, a serious illness forced her husband into retirement. Now, Dr. Vladutiu wishes to honor him by establishing the Adrian O. Vladutiu Award, which is given each year to a resident from the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Department of Pathology.

"This award allows me to honor a man who did so much for UB," said Dr. Vladutiu. By making this gift now, Dr. Vladitiu has ensured that her gift will impact residents on an annual basis. Additionally, she's made a provision to include UB in her will, which will support the fund in perpetuity.

For information about making a bequest, contact Wendy Irving, Esq. at (877) 825-3422  or